A word about me

Once upon a time I was a visual designer until...

What's my story?

I have worked almost 6 years as a graphic and web designer, but during those years I felt some frustration. I always wondered how my designs could have a real impact on customers' lives and then it hit me... User Experience was my answer!

Since I discovered this whole new world full of possibilities to build better human experiences I just couldn't back down.

My curiosity and empathy brought me on this path and I will keep practicing and iterate until there will be no more problems to solve... (Yes, it could be endless :))

picture of barcelona street art

A look at my skills

UX Design

I worked on usability, web and application design using UX methodologies like interviews, Customer journey maps, storyboarding, Value proposition canvas, User stories, User flows, Low-Fi, medium and High-Fi prototyping...

Web Development

I know the power of HTML/CSS, SASS, SCSS and how to rule them using task/build runner like Gulp or Grunt.

Visual design

I have an eye for colors, layout and typography and I like to train by following inspirational blogs and websites like: Dribbble, Behance, Medium, Muzli, ...

UI Design

As a pixel perfectionist I like to empower a design with norms using grids, modularscale ratios and symbols that I apply in Sketch libraries.

Empathy & Team player

As a social person, I like human interaction whether with users during interviews or with my team mates. For me, "human -centered" is not only a UX approach.

Data driven decisions

Good data is important to determine a problem in the user flow, so I use Google Analytics or Hotjar to help me define what the pain points are and how to optimize.

Get in touch Do you have an amazing idea that you would like to work on with me? Let me know using the following email address ekhadre.elbas@gmail.com